About NBTR

Welcome to the National Brain and CNS Tumour Registry (NBTR) one of the site-specific cancer registries established to support the National Cancer Intelligence Network.  The National Brain and CNS Tumour Registry is run and managed by the Eastern Cancer Registry and Information Centre and is part of the UK Cancer Registries.

The need for the National Brain Tumour Registry is strongly supported by all the professional groups involved in the treatment of these patients and the brain tumour charities representing the patients.  It will be a population-based registry for England that will eventually hold all the data items in the new Cancer Dataset which is currently in development. 

The information collected by the NBTR covers both benign and malignant primary brain cancer, arising in the central nervous system (CNS), the skull base or pituitary gland.  Data is collected under the permissions granted to the English Cancer Registries by the National Information Governance Board. See Legislation.

Identifiable patient data is never released from the registry without appropriate ethical approval and the registry will never contact individual patients or their relatives.  Details of about the benefits of cancer registration are available on the UK Association of Cancer Registries website.  If though you would like to check the information we might hold about you or ask to have your details removed please contact us.

January 2013: New Reports available to download from the Reports page.

National Brain Tumour Registry one year on


Presentation: "The National Brain Tumour Registry - one year on"

Available now to download. (pdf: 2MB).